A Partial List of our Clients


General Publishers Electronic Publishers

Elsevier( - Medical Journals

Global Sources ( - Copy writing and editing of product catalogues.

Blackwell ( - Scientific Journals

John Wiley ( - Medical Journals

Our editorial staff have experience in editing the following journals also

Published by Inderscience :

(a) Technical Journals

  • Control and Intelligent Systems
  • Internet, Information Technology and Communications
  • Infrastructures
  • Safety, Risk and Emergency Management
  • Applied Mechanics and Gas Dynamics
  • Automotive
  • Product Development, Materials and Manufacturing
  • Simulation, Computing Applications and Cognitive Science

(b) Environmental Journals

  • Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Nuclear Science and Technology

(c) Healthcare Journals

  • Healthcare and Medical Technology and Management

(d) Management Journals

  • Management and Business Administration Foresight, Policy and Technology
  • Management Services, Operations and Standards

Published by Elsevier

  • World Journal of Gastroenterology (Published by Elsevier)
  • Journal of Thin Solid Films (Published by Elsevier)
  • Surface and Coatings Technology (Published by Elsevier)
  • Math and Science journals (Published by Elsevier)


  • Legal books and journals (Published by Kluwer Academic - Springer)
  • Legal books (Published by Blackwell)
  • English Literature books (Published by Macmillan)

Client List