Talent Pool In India

Indian Talent

We can offer higher quality because we employ highly trained people in India and often more than one person to look at your project. For example, we can employ a person trained in electronics and a person trained in English to look at the manual of an electronics product, so that we get both the technical specifications as well as the style and grammar of the language right.

To get two professionals to look at a project and pay them for it would be prohibitively expensive in many countries. We can do that in India because its talent pool is large and reasonably priced.

  • Second largest English-speaking population in the world, just after the US and ahead of Britain, Australia or Canada.
  • 255 of the Fortune 500 corporations outsourcing their services to India.
  • India has been rated as the most attractive destination for offshore business processing by global consultancy A T Kearney.
  • Abundant, high-quality, cost-effective, competitive manpower. Over 100,000 IT professionals added each year.
  • India's IT Industry is now worth $14 billion and growing at the rate of 50% p.a.
  • Exports $12 billion; exports target for 2008 - $60 billion, to be 35% of India's total exports.

Notes on Indian Economy

  • India is the 4th largest economy in the world, in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). India is also the tenth most industrialized economy in the world.
  • India has political stability and there is broad consensus on reforms. Liberal and transparent foreign investment regime.
  • India has a strong and independent judicial system.
  • India offers among the highest rates of returns on investment. Profitability of US investments in India: 19.33% in 2000 (according to US Department of Commerce)

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